Who We Are

The Unity Day Youth and Family Zone organization is a group of diverse, no-nonsense workhorse, professions who aspire to imbue Louisianan youth and families with the capacity to become healthy students and productive citizens.

Our founders are Shihan (Master Educator) John G. Daniel, 7th Degree Black Belt and Dr. Effie Moten, MD.

We utilize innovative and holistic ways to build: trust; core values, self discipline, self care, and therefore opportunities for Louisianan youth and families to learn meaningful, sustainable health, education, and wealth creation life skills.

“We are indeed, ordinary people who have been supported by other ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

Since October 2005, the Unity Day Youth and Family Zone has successfully utilized an ecological cognitive behavioral model with youth from: the East Baton Rouge Detention Center, Department of Juvenile Services; the Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC); the YMCA of the Capital Area and from across the state at the Unity Day Louisiana Governor’s Games, May 2, 2009. Moreover, our organization recognizes that the environmental factors that impact a child go far beyond the web of interpersonal relationships within the immediate family to include: physical surroundings; social structures; relationships with others outside the family. Resultantly, we function to orchestrate a strength-based relationship among the many domains of the child’s life, all of which contribute to solving the child’s problem(s). Most of these problems are discovered within the context of the dojo, (assessment, evaluation, and training center) through observation of the child or discussions with parents or guardians.

Please note, our hallmark is that children, guardians, and parents learn to trust the Unity Day Youth and Family Zone program because of our methodology which: seeks first to understand before being understood; catches a child doing something good; praises the child effectively; pro-actively teaches the child; earns the right and trust of the child to offer suggestions; offers corrective teaching to the child; and teaches social and critical thinking skills that empower the child to become self sufficient.