Holistic and Synergistic Educational Purposeful and Pro-Social Activities
The Unity Day Youth and Family Zone curriculum is made up of three basic and synergistic components: Holistic Discipline Fitness Systems; Stress Management Bio-feedback for Adults and Children; and EGUMPP.com, which is an innovative and engaging web-based solution for teaching English grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. Each of these components stands to benefit the user on their own accord. However, the synergy of all three delivers an enhanced and remarkable result.
Holistic Discipline Fitness Systems:
·         Demonstrate how well the wonderful human body functions when you understand its machinery---- the hammer, lever, wedge, wheel, fixed axle and pulley.
·         Explain how to use the human body to generate Herculean force and power by vibrating and rotating your body core/hips and using your legs as explosive springs.
·         Share how to become proficient in karate weapons such as kicks; punches; blocks; strikes; trapping & grappling.
·         Coach participants in aerobic and anaerobic martial arts fitness utilizing ancient and modern training technologies.
·         Teach meditation and stress management technologies that offer a mental balance as your body grows more powerful and fit.
Stress Management for Youth and Adults: 
·         Increase your ability think more clearly and make smarter decisions, especially under pressure.
·         Increase vitality and wellbeing.
·         Transform the physiological response to stress.
·         Improve communication with staff, students, and parents.
·         Improve your ability to build collaborative relationships
·         Create a stronger school culture, esprit de corps and enhance your community effectiveness.
·         Use and apply a set of research-based techniques to create a personal internal locus of control and achieve personal goals
·         Stress management biofeedback technology reinforces all of the above, and helps build an internal locus of control of emotions, and feelings. Indeed, in 2010 our program is dedicated to teaching youth test taking strategies that build confidence and reduce anxiety around standardized testing, e.g.--LEAP and GEE.
Electronic Grammar Usage Proficiency Program (EGUMPP.com) 
EGUMPP is an innovative and engaging web-based solution for teaching:
·         English grammar,
·         Usage,
·         Punctuation
·         Writing mechanics.
Other Unity Day Youth and Family Zone service offerings include:
BLOCK PAL: Building Life Opportunities for the Communities Kids with the
Police Achievement League of East Baton Rouge Parish
BLOCK PAL goals include the following
·         Build a relationship between law enforcement and youth and families in East Baton Rouge Parish
·         Increase youth awareness and respect for law enforcement and the criminal justice process
·         Create and encourage violence reduction and conflict resolution methodologies between law enforcement and youth and families community members.
·         Promote awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse
·         Minimize truancy issues
·         Encourage open lines of communication between law enforcement and youth and family community members.
·         Teach community youth and families “old school” wisdom of how to become “Champion Citizens” using their, “Heads, Hearts and Good Habits”, utilizing the Unity Day Youth and Family Zone’s Holistic Synergistic Educational Purposeful and Pro-Social Activities Curriculum.
Self Defense Course:Giving You the Ability to Think Back”.
This course is designed to raise self defense consciousness.
The critical thinking that supports this logic model includes four components:
·         Awareness: Increase your awareness of the nature, and prevalence of violent crime, and measure your “victim potential” using the DK GROUP questionnaire.
·         Assessment: Develop assessment skills for risky situations that involve: strangers; family; friends; bullies; employees; your clients/customers; the work environment and yourself.
·         Courses of Action: Learn a three step strategy to dealing with conflict prior to the need for physical tactics. The three steps include: immediate retreat, de-escalation and assertive behavior.
·         Self Defense Physical Tactics: Learn how fundamental physical response tactics can be used after you have exhausted all preventative and avoidance behaviors described above.
Meditation to Relieve Stress and Enhance Your Life:
·         What is meditation and how does it work?
·         What does it do for the mind, the body, and the spirit?
·         What are its benefits—spiritually, mentally, physically, in relationships, and for the environment?
·         How can we integrate meditative practice into everyday life?
Well Managed Classrooms
·         Identify student life skill deficits
·         Teach students replacement skills to increase social and academic success
·         Develop clear, building-wide expectations for student behavior
·         Promote the creation of a positive learning environment by providing staff with effective strategies for encouraging pro-social and correcting disruptive and antisocial student behavior
·         Increase student time-on-task and improve opportunities for academic achievement among disadvantaged students
·         Decrease the frequency and severity of student behavior problems that result in office referrals
Youth Empowerment Forums that promote human capital/workforce development.
Louisiana Governor’s Games –Unity Day Weekend!
Unity Day Youth and Family Zone Karate Seminar and Wellness Training offer youth and families statewide a yearly opportunity to participate.
Business Management and Leadership
·         Communication Strategy
·         Networking Skills
·         Community Capacity Building
·         Leadership and Management Training
·         Performance Management
·         Keynote and Inspirational Speaking
·         Meeting Facilitation
·         Executive and Group Coaching