Ricky Pampo
Unity Day Karate Instructor
4th Degree Blackbelt Japan Karate Association

Pampo Wellness Group, Founder/ Owner

Registered Dietetic Technician

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Professional Bodybuilder

Currently the Head Instructor/ Coach of the Karate Club at Louisiana State University, Ricky achieved his Yondan (4th Degree Blackbelt) rank in November 2005 under Sensei Mikami.  He started training Shotokan as a high school junior in New Orleans and continued his karate and collegiate pursuits at LSU-Baton Rouge.  At LSU, his experiences include: several collegiate team regional and national championships, both in kata and kumite; an individual national collegiate kumite championship; USA National Karate Team selection; kinesiology class instructor; conducted karate training with LSU and Parkview HS Football Teams; conducted on-campus dormitory self-defense seminars; and coached several regional and national karate champions.  Ricky continues to compete at both regional and national karate events.
In addition to his karate pursuits at LSU, Ricky devoted his academic studies to nutritional sciences/ dietetics and pursued officer training with the Air Force ROTC for 5 years.  He became athletically involved in rowing, rugby, mountain biking, weight training, and running.  After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, Ricky worked in clinical dietetics at a regional medical center and became credentialed as a Registered Dietetic Technician.  After several years in the clinical setting, Ricky progressed to greater preventative methods and pursued fitness training and private nutrition consulting.  As his fitness experiences and interest grew, Ricky became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  As a combined fitness and nutrition specialist, his clients became more successful in achieving their personal goals. 

Additional experiences in the field of nutrition and fitness include: healthy cooking demos and seminars on Channel 9 Noon show, community health fairs, and at Whole Foods Market.   He is also a competitive ultra runner having completed 4 100-mile trail races on both the west and east coast mountain regions of the United States.  Recently, Ricky won his weight class in an international Pro Qualifier bodybuilding competition granting him his Professional Card.  He is currently training for his Pro debut in Miami in June. 
Ricky strongly believes that his personal accomplishments and successes are tools for inspiring and motivating himself and others to constantly progress in life despite challenges. With this motto engraved in his being, Ricky founded PampoWellness Group.  This Group will promote and establish total wellness entities through various modalities of health and fitness.  He is currently establishing his network of wellness-minded organizations and individuals and welcomes all that are interested in promoting total wellness in our state of Louisiana. 

With his on-going academic studies and field experiences, Ricky hopes to continue promoting and establishing total wellness beings through his martial arts and fitness training as well as his personal business endeavors.