Jeffery Burnham, MD
Unity Day Karate Committee Member
4th Degree Black Belt
Japan Karate Association

An LSU team physician since 1995, Dr. Burnham assumed the head team physician duties in June of 2002 and serves as Medical Director of the Athletic Training Concentration in Kinesiology. He is board certified in both Sports Medicine and Family Practice and is certified with the NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has served as host Medical Director for numerous track championships and baseball and softball regionals. Dr. Burnham serves as Director of Sports Medicine and Outpatient Rehabilitation at the Baton Rouge General Medical Center in addition to running a busy private practice, Burnham Family and Sports Medicine Center. He emphasizes illness prevention, wellness, and optimal performance through proper use of nutrition and exercise as well as employing traditional modes of medical care for health and wholeness. Dr. Burnham is also a team physician for Parkview Baptist High School and treats countless other athletes in the Baton Rouge area and across the state of Louisiana. He has also served as primary care team physician for area professional teams including the Baton Rouge Bombers (soccer), the Baton Rouge Kingfish (hockey), and the Baton Rouge Wildcats (women's football). Dr. Burnham works closely with Louisiana State Police as contract physician and a guest martial arts instructor.
In addition, Dr. Burnham believes in lifelong physical training and teaches martial arts fitness classes at Foxy's Health Club. He has produced a fitness video entitled Aerokarate which he uses to promote general fitness and to provide supplemental coordination, balance and flexibility training for high school and collegiate athletes involved in various sports such as football, baseball, and soccer.
Dr. Burnham and his wife, Debe Terral Burnham have two children, Jeremy and Jordan presently in medical school at LSU-Shreveport.
Dr. Burnham graduated from the University of Mississippi Medical Center an d did residency training at LSU (Earl K. Long Hospital) He is also a member of various professional medical societies including American College of Sports Medicine and American Sports Medicine Society. Dr. Jeffrey M. Burnham, MD, FAAFP,CAQSM, CSCS owns and operates the Burnham Family and Sports Medicine Center: Baton Rouge General -Medical Director of Sports and is the Medicine Fellowship Director of Sports Medicine: LSU Head Team Physician.