David Morgan Daniel
Unity Day Karate Instructor
SanDan (3rd Degree) Black Belt
Blossoms Before The Fall Karate Dojo
Santa Clara, California

An influential member of the DK Group, David Morgan Daniel noted and began to promote the potential society building and political policy influencing power of Martial Artists and Martial Arts training from almost the first day he began studying Karate as a teenager. While still a lad himself, David impressed this same notion of such great potential society and policy changing power on his younger brother, Shihan John G. Daniel, starting the first day Shihan Daniel donned a Gi (Karate Uniform). Today, we find Shihan Daniel perhaps bringing to fruition those notions the two brothers debated and hashed out over 30 years ago.
Chief Instructor of the Blossoms Before the Fall Dojo in Silicon Valley, California, and a San-Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt), David Morgan Daniel (Daniel Sensei) was John G. Daniel’s first long-term Shotokan Karate instructor, though Shihan John G. Daniel has obviously long since ceased to be the student, taking on the mantle of both teacher and ranking superior to David Morgan Daniel.
Having taught Shotokan Karate for over 30 years, David Morgan Daniel (Daniel Sensei) often chides his students that "In today's society, genuine and serious Karate training, by its very nature, can be the means and method to two very valuable ends, good character development and community advancement; it was the former big time for me. Still, take note, Karate training should never become an end in itself. Ergo, teaching Karate should never become a genuine martial artist's sole means of making money, and though taking Dan exams beyond Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) is sometimes good for your dojo, advancing one's character and skill is always better. So, now you got the good, you got the better, and the worst is obvious. 
It's simple; Martial Arts training is an open gate to a good and decent life; just walk through it and don’t kick the fence posts after you go in! Now there's the best. ”

David Morgan Daniel, Esq. is a Silicon Valley, California attorney licensed to practice in the State and Federal courts of California, as well as an active member of multiple Bar Associations, including but not restricted to the California Bar Association and the American Bar Association. In addition to the law degree of Juris Doctor, David M. Daniel, Esq. possesses a Master of Arts Degree in English, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Asian Languages (Japanese and Mandarin Chinese). Attorney Daniel often promotes Karate training as an advantage to professionals saying, there is likely no better preparation for a profession in legal advocacy than Kihon (basic technique training), Kata (prearranged forms training), and especially Kumite (Sparring training).